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Volunteer Overview:

Volunteers may perform a wide variety of duties, a range limited largely by the talents and interests of the volunteers themselves and by where the library can make productive use of their assistance.


• Assist with various library programs and day to day activities.

• Promote library programs and services as a volunteer representative.


Types of Volunteers

Adult Volunteer: Any individual, eighteen years or older, who assists with work done at the Beals Memorial Library, without remuneration.


Student Volunteer: Any middle school student, high school student or organization (like boy or girl scouts) working on advanced awards, who performs volunteer work, without remuneration, as part of an authorized school or organizational program to earn academic credit or merit awards.


Mandated Community Service: Persons who seek volunteer assignments at the Beals Memorial Library to meet a requirement set by an outside agency for the performance of community service shall be subject to the volunteer selection process and all other provisions in the policy.

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