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Join the Beals Teen Discord

Teen Discord updated 6.4.2024.png

Who: Anyone in the Winchendon community who is currently ages 13-19, up to the end of high school. High school graduates will graduate out of eligibility to participate in this server. 


What: The Library’s Teen Discord server (BMLTeenDiscord) is an online space for teens — guided by teens’ experiences and input! Through Discord, teens can connect with library staff for resources and suggestions, cheer their peers, and find their community with channels for the library’s ongoing teen clubs, books, homework support, upcoming events, hobbies, and more.


When & Where: The Library’s Teen Discord server is a completely virtual service that the library is offering Winchendon teens. It will be accessible to teens 24/7, and monitored by library staff moderators during library hours of operation. 

Why: The Library’s Teen Discord is a service that allows the library to build a stronger rapport with local teens, giving us opportunities to better serve their demographic and continue making the library a space that is teen-focused and teen-friendly.

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