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Friends of The Beals Memorial Library

With your help, the Friends of the Beals Memorial Library volunteer their time to support Winchendon’s public library. Through book sales and special events we raise funds to support library programs, purchase new furniture and items for the collection. We also work to engage the community in raising positive public awareness through advocacy for the library.


Volunteers provide important support to Beals Memorial Library staff and perform a wide variety of tasks that are critical to the mission of the library. Volunteers supplement, but do not replace the work done by employees. They may perform a wide variety of duties, a range limited largely by the talents and interests of the volunteers themselves and by where the library can make productive use of their assistance. A Beals Memorial Library volunteer performs a service of his or her own free will, contributing time, energy and talents directly or on behalf of the library. Volunteers are not paid by library funds, and must be accepted by the director of the library prior to performance of any assigned tasks.

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