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The Beals Memorial Library provides a free and open environment where all may gather for education, culture and information. The library seeks to inspire and encourage literacy, growth and lifelong learning.

What We Do:

The Library Board of Trustees is an appointed group of citizen volunteers to whom the governing of a public library is entrusted. Board members are the vital link between the library and the community. Trustees are library advocates and leaders in developing service willingly, responsibly and creatively for all members of the public. In general, the Library Board of Trustees determine the mission of the library, set the policies that govern the library, hire and evaluate the library director, plan for its long-range goals, and recognize that the library is not an island, but part of a larger municipal structure that builds strong partnerships within the community it serves.


The Trustees meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 6pm in the Trustees Meeting Room at the Beals Memorial Library. These meetings are open to the public.

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Ron Muse


Cindy Darcy


Suzanne Rader

Other Members

Molly Velasco

Jane LaPointe


Student Representative


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