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Computer Services

Copy, Print & Fax

The library has a copier/printer and a fax machine open for the public to use. 


Copies,Print-outs and Scans 

  • 8 1/2x11 & 8 1/2x14

    • Color- $.25 /per side

    • Black & White- $.10 /per side

  • 11x17

    • Color- $.50​

    • Black & White- $.20


Send Fax​

  • $1 per page sent

Receive Fax

  • Color- $.25 /page

  • Black & White- $.10 /page

Computer Use, Internet Access & Computer Help

The library has 6 computers available for the public to use. These computers have internet capabilities and has Word, PowerPoint and Excel installed. We also have free WIFI in the building for anyone who wishes to use their own laptops or tablets.


Computer Help/Questions

If you would like to know more about computer, have a questions about your phone or tablet. Our  Senior Library Tech Alexis can help! Call the library to make an appointment for one on one "technology tutoring" with her!

Please Note: Due to the infrastructure project this is suspended until further notice. 

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